meet matt dominance

Expert in helping men with getting their hair back! More charisma, attractiveness, and feeling great in your own skin!

If you desire to have a fuller head of hair again, stop your hair from falling out ,and find the best option for getting your hair back based on your personal situation and preferences then I can definitely help you.

I am great at providing the best options for dealing with hair loss and getting your hair back!

Work History:
  • Spent 7 years researching how to regrow and keep my hair, and tried multiple treatments and remedies – some of which failed me, while others helped me.
  • Visited 24 hair transplant clinics worldwide, and interviewed many of the best doctors in the world (see the whole list of clinics)
  • Helped close to 2000 men with hair loss struggles, as well as finding the best hair transplant clinic for their individual case (see some of my client results)
Awards, Titles, and Designations:
  • Certified hair practitioner with specialization in hair and skin conditions
Other Info:
  • I have observed close to 100 hair transplant surgeries in person: FUE, FUT and DHI
  • I speak 4 languages (English, German, Slovak + Czech, Spanish)enjoy doing bodybuilding in my free time, love intermittent fasting, and have traveled to 25 countries

When you want to solve your hair issues for good, turn to the experts who specialized in helping men get their hair back!

I can help you have a full head of hair again, stop your hair from falling out , and find the best options and places to get your new hair based on your personal situation and preferences!

hair transplant before and after
2016 vs 2022

Me at 25 vs 30 years old

I started experiencing hair loss when I was 17. My forehead started to move higher and higher year by year until I realized something needed to be done. After many years of feeling unwell in my own skin and feeling insecure about becoming prematurely bald, I had my first hair transplant in 2016. 

Having hair again has made a huge impact on my life. It changed the way I am able to present myself, supercharged my dating life, and got my confidence back! I realized that having a nice head of hair especially in ones 20’s and 30’s is a very valuable thing and I decided to do anything to make it a reality.

Some of the Clinics and Doctors I have visited

Matt and Dr. Erdogan
Dr. Korray Erdogan
Dr. Alberto Peek
Dr. Karadeniz
Dr. Sahinoglu
Matt Dominance and Dr Arslan
Dr. Arslan
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                                  Dr. Linkov

Dr. Lara Just
Matt Dominance and Dr Muresanu
Dr. Sever Muresanu
Matt Dominance and Dr Turan
Dr. Turan

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