Avoid Fatal Mistakes and End The Information Overflow...

When Regaining Your Hair Or ”Shopping” For a Hair Transplant Clinic 

with My Proven Method!

„Backed by 250+ clinics investigated, 24 Hair Clinics Visits Worldwide, 100 hair transplants observed, and 1900+ Clients Advised since 2018! 
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Here's Some of What You'll Get When You Book The 1 On 1 Call with Matt Dominance Today:

Best Hair Clinic Recommendations that fit your needs, expectations or last minute travel schedule!

Connecting You With Past Clients from over 40+ clinics worldwide.

Independent Assessment of a subject matter expert that is honest and unbiased!

Identify Red Flag Offers/Quotes  and avoid wasting $4,000 – $15,000 on average!

Anti-Hair Loss Protocol that Minimizes Side Effects and Maximizes Effectiveness (PDF Cheat Sheet). 

Summary of the video consulting session via email or video.

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What To Avoid When Getting Your Hair Back!

Main Problems

In The Hair Restoration Industry

Our Solution

Cuts Through The BS

Why Choose Let's Get Hair?

7 Years of Dedicated Hair Loss Research

I have seen the ups and downs of the hair loss and hair restoration industry. I know why some individuals are successful in the pursuit of their new hair while others aren’t. I help you avoid all the mistakes when getting your hair back!

24 hair clinics worldwide evaluated by in-house clinic inspections

I evaluate and compare hair transplant quality worldwide and learn from the best in the field of hair restoration!

3 FUE hair transplants + 1 correction surgery

I had my 1st hair transplant in 2017! 

What's My Consulting All About?

Are you one of the countless men troubled by hair loss, desperately seeking a way to regain your hair and confidence? I understand the emotional toll that hair loss can take and the overwhelming confusion of finding the best hair restoration clinic. Fear not! At Let’s Get Hair, we are here to be your trusted ally in your journey to regaining a full head of hair.

Why Choose Let’s Get Hair?

  • 7 years of dedicated hair loss research
  • 24 hair clinics worldwide evaluated by in-house clinic inspections
  • 3 hair transplants done in person

The Quest for the Best

To provide you with unparalleled guidance, I’ve traveled the globe, visiting 24 hair transplant clinics to evaluate their procedures, results, and reputation. I believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect solution for my clients. My relentless pursuit of excellence has allowed me to connect with some of the world’s finest hair restoration specialists, forging relationships that give me a unique edge in the industry.

A Tailored Approach

We understand that each person’s hair loss is unique.
Our recommendations tailored to your specific situation and needs
We pick the best options for your preferences and expectations.

Unbiased and Transparent

Navigating the hair restoration industry can be overwhelming!
  • Conflicting information
  • Biased reviews
Let’s Get Hair = unbiased recommendations based on genuine experiences and extensive research.

Our Process

  1. Initial Consultation: Your journey starts with a thorough consultation with one of our hair loss experts. We listen to your concerns, medical history, and aspirations to create a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation.

  2. Personalized Recommendation: Based on the information gathered, we provide you with a personalized plan tailored to your needs. My recommendations may include hair transplant clinics, treatments, and aftercare routines.

  3. Guidance and Support: We stand by your side throughout the entire process. From helping you choose the right clinic to address any concerns post-procedure, we are here to support you every step of the way.

  4. Verified Testimonials: We understand the importance of hearing from real people who have been through a similar journey. Our website features verified testimonials from clients We have successfully assisted, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services.

  5. Continuous Learning: As the field of hair restoration evolves, so do we continuously update our knowledge and expand our network to stay at the forefront of advancements in the industry.

Regain Your Confidence Today!

Don’t let hair loss dictate your life. Take control of your hair restoration journey with the help of Let’s Get Hair. With our wealth of experience, personalized approach, and unbiased recommendations, you can be confident in making informed decisions about your hair.

Join the thousands of men we have already helped, and embark on the path to regaining your hair and self-assurance. Get started with your initial consultation today, and together, we’ll bring back the hair you love!

How To Make An Appointment?

1. Book Your 1 on 1 Hair Consultation

2. Complete The Payment

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3. Schedule Your 1 on 1 Call

by choosing an available slot in my Calendly schedule that suits you.

4. Receive Confirmation

Receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with further steps. If you have any issues, find it difficult to schedule an appointment, or prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at gethair@mattdominance.com

Client Interviews

When You Should Not Book a 1 on 1 Call

<$3,000 Hair Transplant Budget 

What is a super tight budget? It is a budget, where the risk of potential complications and compromised outcome of hair transplant surgery is the highest. I don’t advise men on extremely low-budget clinics, because I can’t help them.

Unable to handle my honesty

The best solution sometimes means lowering your expectations, or not even pursuing a hair transplant. Guys are being lied to and deceived by the hair industry which creates false expectations. I am here to tell you honestly, what can be realistic and what can’t based on my 3 previous hair transplants and 2000+ clients consulted.

Your Consulting Options

This is not a cookie-cutter service. Each session will be bespoke to you based on the form you fill out before the call. 

That means if you want a tonne of support just on hair loss or hair transplant clinic choice (for example) the entire session can be devoted to that. 

30 Min Call

190 One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant Guidance
  • Best Hair Clinics Summary

60 Min Call

270 One Time
  • Hair Loss Support
  • Hair Transplant Guidance
  • Best Hair Clinics Summary


Most frequent questions and answers

The duration of the consultation depends on you. If there are still any ambiguities or questions, I will also answer them for you. Generally, I plan in 60 or 30-minute blocks. Very rarely does it actually take longer.

A consulting session has to be taken in one go because I’m short on time. However, second calls can be booked as a package at a reduced price or taken up afterward with a discount of 20%. The ideal solution in such a case would be booking my consultation bundle option for a special price including 2 calls you are able to schedule with me based on your preferred time frame. 

You have 2 options to make an appointment:

  1. You book the call on this page, pay via Paypal/credit card and receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours with further steps and available consultation days and times.
  2. If it is difficult to find an appointment or if you prefer direct contact, we will make the appointment by email at gethair@mattdominance.com

Yes. Of course, you can record the conversation so that you can listen to it again afterward.

You only pay for the advice if you actually get something for it. If we find out together in the first 10 minutes of our conversation that I cannot find a solution for you, I will of course not charge you anything for it.

  1. Book a Call with Matt
  2. Fill out a quick Consultation Form
  3. Receive a Confirmation Email within 24 hours
  4.  Send Matt Photos of your Hair Condition
  5. Receive personalized Advice from Matt during a Zoom/Skype Video Call

letsgethair.com serves not only for hair transplant guidance but also for non-surgical hair loss guidance.
The main revenue source of letsgethair.com is Adsense YouTube video monetization, 1 on 1 consulting service revenue and brand sponsorship (Gofybr). This blog also makes an extra affiliate revenue from referring to amazon.com and dslaboratories.com. My hair transplant clinics/doctors recommendations are 100% independent.